TWS enables European financial exchanges to run at top speed

International exchange organisations have a substantial interest in very fast and reliable data connections. Microwave transmission has real added value in situations in which every millisecond counts. With a speed that is 50% higher than a fibre optic connection, a microwave connection is the ideal carrier for sending and receiving data. Projects for stock exchange organisations absolutely require an organisation that has everything under control during design, construction and maintenance.

Since the emergence of civilian microwave connections, the TWS group has specialised in the installation and maintenance of microwave connections. Within a period of almost 20 years, TWS has become the leading specialist in business data and information connections and has built up a very extensive portfolio in this field. TWS not only provides safe, reliable and fast connectivity, but also customised solutions. Large stock exchange organisations, which engage in a lot of trading, choose TWS due to its characteristic level of quality. Most of these connections are between the European financial capitals, but TWS is also active in America.

Straalverbinding voor internationale organisaties

Fast connection and fast installation – the race to zero

The fastest data transmission goes hand in hand with microwave connections. This makes all the difference, especially in the financial world, where every second counts. Most trading is currently done using computers, algorithms and large data centres located near the exchange. It is therefore very important that these companies – where a lot of trading takes place – are able to exchange information as quickly as possible. The use of TWS microwave connections is common in the world of the Stock Exchange.

The race to save time, including every microsecond, is facilitated by the use of microwave connections. We recently built a mast in order to be 10 microseconds faster. As the ultimate goal, the race to 0 is in full swing!

Just like in a running race, time must be measured against distance. A microwave connection can often be established in a straight line because geographic obstacles play a less obstructive role. This is in contrast to a fibre optic connection. Both geographic obstacles and the signal transmission through a glass tube, which causes delay, are obstacles to a fibre optic connection. A microwave connection offers a higher speed over a shorter distance, which is a win-win situation.

An even higher speed is also possible. The installation of a microwave connection also saves a significant amount of time. The entire process of installing a microwave connection saves time, even if distances of over 1,000 kilometres need to be covered. Installing a connection takes 6 to 8 months. Installing a fibre optic network would take considerably longer, namely years. This is due to the need to perform a lot of excavation work, among other things.

Luchtondersteuning bij site survey

Safety and reliability in the air

TWS places high demands on microwave connections, offering connectivity that is not only fast, but also safe and reliable. Stability and uninterrupted data transfer are guaranteed at 99.95%. Although microwave transmission used to be plagued by weather conditions – making fibre optics the better option – this is now a thing of the past. A microwave connection is always established in a redundant manner, whereby the backup connection is set up in such a way that it automatically takes over in the event of disruptions.

Straalverbinding onder slechte weersomstandigheden

Management and SLA

TWS fully manages all connections in cooperation with TWS Germany and a number of select partners. The connections are monitored 24/7 in the NOC (Network Operations Centre) in Twello. All connections are visible on a variety of screens at this location. In addition, TWS also has the ability to perform essential checks on their PCs anywhere in the world. Professionals are available at all times to resolve any malfunctions at lightning speed. Keeping the travel time to a mast as short as possible is one of the reasons why TWS works with partners. TWS has put together a large network to respond effectively to all possible scenarios. An on-call engineer is available 24/7 to solve problems, enabling TWS to provide fast and adequate service. The TWS data networks are tailored to the needs of the organisation. In addition, the SLAs of TWS can be concluded at any desired level. This can be done in the form of a subscription or with a flexible hours system.

NOC in TWS, Twello, Nederland


TWS has mastered all aspects of the installation of reliable wireless connections. This makes TWS an organisation that can work on projects in a very cost-efficient manner. Microwave connections often make use of existing locations for the antennas, and excavation work is either unnecessary or only minimally necessary. That makes this method of connectivity a very cost-efficient option.


A microwave connection is always customised, and a site survey will therefore be carried out to determine the possibilities. The TWS consultants will then give a clear recommendation on the technical and functional possibilities. The connection speed calculations are accurately determined to the thousandth of a second and TWS is 100% committed to this calculation. After an agreement is reached on the project budget and plan, the permit application process starts. Each country has its own authorities for handling this matter and they are fortunately all well-known to TWS, which is more than capable of finding its way through the forest of necessary permit applications.

The installation is performed by true heroes

TWS technicians demonstrate a great deal of perseverance and courage during installation. Dishes may need to be mounted in more than 30 locations on transmitter masts or tall buildings, especially in the case of long-distance connections. Dishes can have a diameter of more than 3 metres. The technicians always ensure that all projects are delivered within the deadline and in accordance with the specifications. It helps that TWS technicians have a lot of experience in performing their challenging work. These men have already climbed a lot of mountains and buildings and have unanimously stated that the location Hornisgrinde in the Black Forest is the most beautiful of all these locations. “Great views and breath-taking nature”. Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, this is also the location of the longest connection between two antennas, which is over 103 km long!

It is estimated that TWS technicians will soon have installed 5,500 km of microwave connections, which are managed by TWS. Thinking back about the 300-metre tall mast they had to climb to secure the antennas still gives the technicians a painful feeling in their legs.

Innovation of TWS

In addition to a fast wireless connection, TWS has also implemented a number of technical innovations to ensure that the amount of data is compressed even more. The time saved may be in picoseconds, but these are very valuable picoseconds! It is all about latency and how to keep it as limited as possible. TWS is able to be at the forefront of this race in large part due to its knowledge and experience.

Projects that require an organisation that has everything under control during design, construction and maintenance. TWS is the leading specialist in this field. TWS has proven its expertise by successfully completing many projects and will gladly accept the challenge of working on your project!

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