In today’s world, in which even the famous blue envelop is being abolished and the government is planning to go fully digital in 2017, a fast and reliable internet connection is becoming a necessity. In many rural areas, the availability of internet is still not up to par. There are many private initiatives that involve cooperation on the development of a microwave transmission connection. This ensures that internet is available even in places that do not have a fibreglass connection.

TWS provided a licensed microwave transmission connection for IJsselonline in Welsum from the TWS POP (Point of Presence) on the Leeuwenbrug in Deventer, next to the central train station, to the tower in Welsum, twelve kilometres away.

Thanks to this cooperation, the town centre of Welsum now features a tower with antennas. One of these antennas receives data directly from Deventer. The other antennas provide coverage in a wide radius around the tower. This signal is received by a second antenna that is mounted on a residence, building or school in the area.

Prior to executing this project, TWS conducted a site survey to determine the best location and height for the tower in order to ensure an optimal connection to the Leeuwenbrug. We always confer with the client as well, since they often have a preferred location already in mind.

The fact that this is a current problem is evident from the many requests we receive from the market. We are currently working on several other, similar projects. We can provide solutions where other parties have thus far failed to do so.

samenwerking lokaal initiatief

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