These days, people expect to have access to the internet wherever they are. The passengers of cruise ships visiting the beautiful cities along the Donau river are no exception. Recently, we were commissioned by an American shipping company to find locations in three cities (Vilshofen in Germany, Linz in Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia) where it was possible to install a Wi-Fi antenna on the roof. We also created locations for fibreglass internet connections.

Naturally, the passengers of the cruise ships have access to the internet. During their cruise from one city to the next, wireless internet is provided using 3G/4G mobile operators. When the cruise ships dock in a new city, all passengers disembark. They explore the city’s many sights, enjoy wonderful meals and visit museums. After returning to the ship, everyone wants to be able to upload their pictures to the cloud, share their experiences via social media, make Skype calls to their friends and family back home, et cetera. That requires a whole lot of internet capacity. While en route, the ships are able to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth by making use of a unique bundling of 4G connections. However, in the cities themselves, where mobile networks have to be shared with the rest of the population, that becomes impossible during peak hours.

To improve this situation, a Wi-Fi connection is used. This connection goes to the shore and from there, via a fibreglass connection, to the internet. This solution has already been implemented in Amsterdam and Budapest, where it offers our clients the results they wanted.

Recently, we began the execution of this project for the shipping company and started looking for the perfect locations for our antennas and dishes. We have made agreements with various building owners and local Internet Service Providers to work together on the first steps of this process.

This picture was taken from the “Aupark Tower” and shows the Donau as it flows through the city of Bratislava. We will soon realise the installation on top of this building.

wifi verbinding cruiseschepen

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