For years, the municipal government of Heerde has been using a broadband internet connection that comes from a central location in Zwolle. From this location, the internet is transported to the town halls in Heerde, Hattem and Oldebroek via microwave transmission connections that offer exceedingly high availability and stability. Furthermore, the networks of the three town halls are linked together via these same microwave transmission connections.

In Heerde, the microwave transmission connection made use of a thirty-metre tall tower that was linked to a broadcast location in Zwolle. This tower was located next to the town hall, behind the monumental villa in the centre of Heerde.

TWS verhuizing straalverbinding Heerde


When the town hall was relocated to a new site on the Eperweg, the former town hall was demolished. That meant the tower that facilitated the microwave transmission connection to Zwolle also had to disappear.

Since this severed the connection to Zwolle, TWS was asked to come up with a new solution. Additionally, we were asked to provide a microwave transmission connection at the new location of Heerde’s public works department. Our solution involved making use of an existing tower at Heerde’s industrial area.


Over the past few weeks, we realised the network’s transformation one step at a time. The connection from Zwolle to the old tower has been redirected to the new tower in the industrial area. Furthermore, microwave transmission connections were established from this tower to the new town hall, the public works department and the villa, which is also a municipal building. The latter does not affect the wonderful contours of this historical building.

The project has since been completed. The old tower has been removed and there is no evidence of there ever being a tower in that location at all. The entire project has been executed to the complete satisfaction of Heerde’s municipal government.

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