Fast and reliable internet for the inhabitants of the rural area near Voorst is becoming a reality. TWS supports the people’s IBV initiative with the realisation of faster internet for everyone at a low cost.

The IBV initiative, which stands for Internet Buitengebied Voorst, was born out of frustration. People in the area all share the same problem: their internet connection is either slow or non-existent. Residents Ilse Haagen and Paul Jonkman launched this initiative and brought it to the attention of TWS. Although TWS normally works on professional data and information connections in our own country and abroad, we are happy to tackle a project closer to home as well.

Alfred van der Weide (senior account manager at TWS) enjoys the opportunity for TWS to do something valuable for the area. “We believe IBV is a great initiative to take part in. It would be wrong for us to have an internet connection and then not share it with our neighbours. We are happy to help resolve this issue.”

The plans are ready. Now, the project group will be looking for at least eighty families who want to join up as well. Only then can the project begin in earnest. Everyone who is interested can sign up via

TWS snel internet

Pictured (from left to right): Ilse Haagen (IBV), Alfred van der Weide (TWS), Paul Jonkman (IBV).

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