For nearly twenty years, TWS has been a specialist in professional data and information connections. We conduct challenging projects for clients who consciously choose the highest level of quality. 100% connectivity without having to worry about a thing.

No challenge is too great for us. Going the extra mile is in our genes. We work hard and truly enjoy what we do. Every day is a new adventure – professionally and privately. We are thrill seekers and we love sharing our intense experiences with you.

Team TWS on an expedition to Stavanger

We love challenging ourselves in extreme weather conditions and environments. Our adventurers carry out the construction of infrastructures under any circumstance. In September of 2016, we went on an expedition to the inhospitable Stavanger in Norway. Why? Because we can!

The sky is the limit!

It is hard to reach the top. It sometimes calls for heavy equipment, such as helicopters. We were given some additional air power in the form of a beastly machine. There is a reason why our motto is “Optimal connectivity and availability – anytime and anywhere.” At great heights, we often need our equipment!

The art of wireless

The art of wireless summarised in one minute.

Sales meeting on Wadden Island Vlieland

Quarterly meeting in Lemmer (2014)

Quarterly meeting at Snowplanet (2014)

The founding of TWS Caribbean (2011)

Our first project on Cuacao

TWS group went to London

From Danmark to Oslo