Lunet zorg is one of the largest healthcare providers in the south of the Netherlands. A reliable data network is vitally important in order to maintain the organisation’s high standard of healthcare quality. For more than six years now, TWS has been responsible for the functionality and reliability of the organisation’s entire network infrastructure; a partnership that offers considerably more than the proverbial sum of its parts. Ans Lemmens, IT manager at Lunet zorg, is excited about the cooperation: “TWS speaks our language. The specialists listen to our wishes and needs and I can trust them to come up with feasible solutions. That, to us, is the foundation for a successful working relationship.”

Network as communication medium

Lunet zorg was born in 2008, after a period during which various healthcare providers in Eindhoven and the surrounding area merged. Lunet zorg is a major healthcare organisation with three main locations and more than a hundred auxiliary branches. It employs over 2,500 people and 1,000 volunteers. “In an organisation of that size, the data network is vital as a communication medium,” Ans Lemmens says. “In recent years, we have been working to make our healthcare more efficient and to connect our various locations. Furthermore, the system plays an important role in protecting the safety of our employees and our clients. That imposes significant requirements on our network. We chose TWS as our partner to bring all those demands together in an infrastructure that safeguards availability and functionality.”

lunet zorg

Good internet connections are a condition for quality of healthcare

“To us as a healthcare organisation, the most important aspect of our network is its availability. Our clients rely on our healthcare providers, who in turn are largely dependent on the organisation’s digital network. Recently, we have begun using CareView, an online EPD (Electronic Patient File) that forms the digital foundation for our healthcare and services. Every day, around 600 people use our applications. The connection must therefore be available and have sufficient capacity to handle our applications.”

Separate microwave and fibreglass systems

Niels van Kooten, senior account manager at TWS, explains how the infrastructure at Lunet zorg is structured: “We have designed the network based on redundancy; the availability is safeguarded via separate systems. This ensures there is always more than enough network capacity to work with, even during maintenance or if parts of the system should fail. To start with, we realised a wireless microwave connection with three towers at the main locations. On top of that, we also created a fibreglass connection using both existing and new cabling.”

Optimal reliability

“With this network infrastructure, we were able to achieve the maximum desired reliability percentage. In practice, it means that Lunet zorg can rely on the fact that its people can do their work and that the clients’ healthcare and safety are optimally safeguarded at all times.” Ans Lemmens continues: “It is important to remember that lives can be at stake during a calamity. If the system or parts of it were to fail, we would not be able to guarantee our healthcare at that time, which might have disastrous consequences. The specialists at TWS understand that and they would immediately have someone available if this situation were to arise.”

Functionality grows; network capacity has to grow as well

“The capacity of our existing network is more than enough to suit our needs for the time being, but the number of possibilities is growing. We say that technology is our friend. With the help of new solutions, we can improve the quality of our healthcare and the wellbeing of our clients and their guests, who want to be able to count on a reliable Wi-Fi signal. Within our organisation, an innovation team is working on applications that can improve our services. One example is an app that we use to make the transport of clients to and from their daily activities more efficient. The functionality is continuously being expanded, which means the network’s capacity will have to grow as well in the future. TWS thinks along with us about how to achieve that.”

TWS speaks our language

“At TWS, they are very good at listening. That is important, because in order to achieve the best possible solutions, their specialists need to know exactly what our demands and needs are. They analyse our request and take the initiative to develop solutions that satisfy our every wish. On top of that, they are a brand-independent partner. In order to provide specific services and products, they choose the specialists who have the most knowledge of and experience in that area. As a client, it is wonderful to be able to put our trust in a partner like TWS to come up with the best solution. TWS has certainly earned that trust by now.”

Working on the future together

“Growth is a team effort,” Niels van Kooten says. “The partnership between Lunet zorg and TWS has allowed us both to develop. We are familiar with the organisation, but we can also sit down with Lunet zorg’s suppliers in the field of home automation, telephony and server management. In recent years, we worked together closely with all parties involved to deliver an excellent network infrastructure with which to optimise Lunet zorg’s data streams.” Ans Lemmens concludes: “I know for certain that we can work with TWS to come up with the right solution for any development in the healthcare sector and within our own organisation. That means the quality of our network infrastructure, as the foundation for our healthcare, will always be safeguarded.”

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