Wi-Fi (officially Wireless Local Area Network) is no longer a “technological marvel.” Wi-Fi has become a primary necessity of life – for employees, but often also for clients and guests. It goes without saying that the connection has to be optimally reliable and always available. TWS is the go-to specialist for Wireless as a Service: safe and reliable Wi-Fi solutions of the highest quality, both indoor and outdoor. You will not have to worry about a thing!

WaaS | Unique concept in Wi-Fi service

These days, our Wireless as a Service is the most practical and reliable solution for Wi-Fi in any organisation. TWS offers a wireless network in the form of a monthly service, as an alternative for local solutions that are expensive and prone to malfunctioning. This means you get optimal reliability in the form of a cloud solution, which only requires a number of access points at the location itself. WaaS offers guaranteed wireless internet at a low monthly rate, without any major investments in servers and/or software.


Always the latest technology

Wireless network technology continues to develop. The stability, speed and quality of wireless networks are growing, as are the requirements in terms of their functionality and capacity. It is important to stay up to date in order to continue to support the growing need for bandwidth created by new devices and applications. With our unique concept, you can benefit from the many advantages of having a professional wireless network without making any major investments. TWS replaces outdated systems with new solutions step by step, so you will always be ready for the future!


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    Monitored and operational 24/7
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    Fixed monthly rate
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    Carefree and fully managed Wi-Fi network

Central management

We conduct the network’s management at an external online location, so you will not have to worry about the management and maintenance of your wireless network at all. The advantage of this approach is that your network is constantly being monitored by TWS, updates are carried out when they become available and any issues are quickly resolved. Fast, secure and always available – without the involvement of expensive external parties, IT staff or network administrators.

Capacity that grows along with you

If your organisation is expanding or if things are moving a bit slowly for you at the moment, we can adjust WaaS on the fly. On top of that, we make sure that the IT environment and all data, applications and functionalities are preserved when you switch from your local solution to WaaS.