The security of confidential or critical corporate data is an important aspect of data networks. Security measures are part of the solutions we provide. TWS has extensive experience with reliable solutions for network security and we possess the expertise needed to optimally protect both data and hardware.

Managed firewalls and security applications

We offer various options for the protection of data networks, e.g. firewalls that we manage for you remotely. This allows us to maintain optimal control of the firewall and continuously monitor data streams to detect any anomalies and take action if necessary. Standalone firewalls managed by your own specialists are also available.


Connection security

Our specialists have the knowledge and facilities to optimally secure data streams in any network structure. To do so, we make use of encryption based on the latest and most advanced technology.

Physical security

Data security with the help of firewalls and encryption is one thing; physical security is quite another. The protection of sensitive hardware is also vital for data security and to guarantee error-free operation. We make use of solid hardware and implement additional security measures where needed.


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    Optimal security
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    Continuous monitoring

TWS offers:

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    Externally managed firewalls
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    Standalone firewalls
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    Physical security measures