Every communication solution requires carefully designed and executed installation technology. TWS is an expert electrotechnical installation company for the business market. Our specialists design and realise a wide range of electrotechnical installations that meet all of today’s requirements, while also being prepared for the future.

Every solution is unique

Every building or project is unique – including yours. Every application has different requirements. The design of an electrotechnical installation therefore calls for expertise. TWS infra has extensive experience with the realisation of installations whose structure, execution and functionality meet all user requirements.


Maximum efficiency, minimal operating costs

During the design process, we consider the technological aspects, the specific aspects of the building and the users’ wishes and requirements. This includes aspects such as the nature or design of a building, operational reliability and energy efficiency. TWS infra provides efficient installations that come with low operating costs.

The latest technological developments

TWS takes care of the installation, maintenance and modification of both the common twisted-pair cabling such as Cat 5e and Cat 6 (suitable for 1000BaseT) as well as the new Cat 7 and Cat 6a (suitable for 10Gb ethernet). We can realise this cabling in UTP, FTP and SFTP.


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    Years of experience
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    Expertise in communication systems
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    Knowledge of the latest technological developments

TWS offers:

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    Design of optimal installation solutions
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    Installation of patch cabinets
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    Installation of all necessary power supplies