What network solution is best suited for the organisation? What do employees and any clients or guests require from the connectivity? What are the physical possibilities and limitations? Often, there are various options available. Our consultants have the expertise and experience to find and design the best possible solutions for your data networks.


Developments in the sector take place at a rapid pace and there are various ways to design and set up the connectivity. The trick is to find the one solution out of all available options that suits the organisation and the intended day-to-day use best. By analysing specific requirements regarding capacities and technical possibilities, our consultants draw up a clear report. This advice ensures you are ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow!

Consultancy & Network Design


At TWS, we like to think in possibilities. Nevertheless, there are often physical limitations we have to take into account. Our consultants analyse the infrastructure and any limitations and draw up a clear analysis of the technical and functional possibilities.


Realising data networks of the highest possible quality naturally goes beyond merely laying some cables. It requires a thoughtful design that accommodates the existing infrastructure and makes optimally efficient use of the most advanced solutions. TWS’s experts can design a network that meets every user requirement and technical condition.


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    Brand-independent advice
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    Solid analysis
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    Optimal use of available technology
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    Efficiency in network design

TWS offers :

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    Analysis of existing and potential infrastructure
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    Design brief
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    Site surveys