TWS is optimising its service desk tools and processes in order to elevate the quality of its service to an even higher level. For a long time now, TWS’s service desk has offered clients the assurance of expert support and guaranteed response times in the event of a malfunction or any questions about connections or connection services.

TWS does not have any helpdesk employees. Instead, we use trained network engineers. This means we can usually answer your questions about data communication and resolve malfunctions quickly and effectively. If a solution cannot be offered via telephone/remotely, our on-site engineers are ready to offer you the support you need at your location.

The NOC (Network Operations Centre), which is part of the TWS service desk, keeps an eye on the status of your network 24/7. In the event of a (impending) malfunction, our engineers can respond immediately and start working on a solution. This often happens even before your users notice anything amiss.

Using secure connections, TWS’s engineers can offer support in the event of a calamity at any time and from any location. The Service Level determines the level of support and the guaranteed response time you get.

TWS service desk

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