TWS conducts challenging projects for clients who consciously choose the highest quality. We have made an overview that offers a look at our expertise, practical experience and solution-based methods. We can spend hours talking about our work, but there is also plenty we can show you!



Client: Heijmans

"Working together and finding a solution for every impossible location, that is TWS's strength"

“We have been working together with TWS for nearly eight years now,” Daniël Debets, Department Manager IT Technical Management at Heijmans explains about their cooperation with TWS group. [...]

Client: Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond

"TWS had all the necessary knowledge and expertise that a complex network requires"

“The use of ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition – has become an important and successful instrument in the fight against (organised) crime for the regional police department Rotterdam [...]

Client: Reitsma

"Realisation of broadband internet on location within 24 hours"

TWS recently received a call from Yoram Hartlooper of the Reitsma Group at eight o’clock in the evening. [...]

Client: Diergaarde Blijdorp

"Wi-Fi for Diergaarde Blijdorp"

Because Diergaarde Blijdorp covers an area of nearly 28 hectares, the various telecommunication providers are only able to provide weak signals. The zoo’s existing Wi-Fi network was also insuff [...]

Client: Basisschool De Nicolaas

"Elementary school De Nicolaas"

By using cameras at elementary school De Nicolaas, the feeling of security has been taken to the next level. [...]

Client: Scope Scholengemeenschap

"We hardly ever have any malfunctions. We trust TWS completely"

The cooperation between SCOPE and TWS was born nearly a decade ago. Frank van Brenk, head of system administration for SCOPE schools in Alphen aan de Rijn, reveals more about their cooperation wi [...]

Client: Lunet zorg

"Lunet zorg"

Lunet zorg is one of the biggest healthcare providers in the south of the Netherlands. In order to maintain the high quality of its healthcare, a reliable data network is a necessity. [...]