The cooperation between SCOPE and TWS was born nearly a decade ago. Frank van Brenk, head of system administration for SCOPE schools in Alphen aan de Rijn, reveals more about their cooperation with TWS group. “Before we entered into this partnership, we made use of a laser link to connect our three locations, Topmavo, the Lyceum and Rijnwoude. That was what it was supposed to do, anyway. We were not at all satisfied with this link and TWS presented an affordable alternative. TWS then installed a 34-Megabit microwave transmission connection. This connection is still there today, although it has been upgraded several times since its initial installation. Furthermore, TWS now also supplies our Wi-Fi network and our professional internet.”
Scope Scholengroep


Scope schools

Scope: 6 locations
Project leader: Marco de Jong
When: 2015
Realisation time: 2-3 months
Tags: wi-fi, microwave transmission, internet, management, maintenance

Scope Scholengroep


SCOPE recently invested in a new and faster internet connection for the Groene Hart schools. The Leerpark, the Topmavo, the Lyceum and the Groene Hart Praktijkschool had a 200-Megabit internet connection. This has now been expanded to 1 Gigabit. Rijnwoude has its own 60-Megabit connection which will be expanded to 200 Megabit.

“On average, around 3,450 devices are active every day via our current Wi-Fi network,” Van Brenk illustrates. “Around eleven o’clock, up to 1,100 devices can be active at the same time, which would slow down our network traffic. These days, more and more teaching methods are put online, which means our internet use is only going to keep growing.”

Faith in TWS

“We have complete faith in TWS,” Van Brenk continues. “The reliability of our network is of the utmost importance to us. Schools do not have very large budgets, after all, but TWS’s solutions offer excellent value for money and we can be sure that everything will work as it should. Because TWS can offer a complete service package, everything is taken out of our hands. We hardly ever have any malfunctions and when we do, they are resolved right away!”

Van Brenk explains that the new situation will make use of a ring connection, which will make the network even more reliable. The Alticom tower connects each location to the others. “If there is a disruption somewhere in the network or if one of the components breaks down, the ring connection allows the network traffic to simply move in the other direction.”

The connection with Rijnwoude will be made possible partly because the municipal government consented to mounting the dish on the church tower. “Rijnwoude is located too low and the ring connection requires the dish to have line of sight in order to work properly,” says the head of system administration.

With these new connections and TWS’s support, the Groene Hart is ready for the future.

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