TWS recently received a call from Yoram Hartlooper of the Reitsma Group at eight o’clock in the evening.



Scope: Three locations
Project leader: Eric Meurs
When: 2015
Realisation time: 24 hours
Tags: microwave transmission, internet, broadband, wireless

Project description

Yoram had a challenge for us. He wanted a broadband internet connection at the location of a major client within 24 hours. There was a lot at stake. A major migration was scheduled and absolutely no delays were allowed. The company’s regular provider was not able to deliver in such a short timeframe, so we were asked to take on the challenge. Of course, it was no problem for us, because TWS can deliver anytime and anywhere!
From the moment that Yoram gave TWS the green light to realise the connection, we managed to deliver a complete connection including internet connectivity within twelve hours.
Do you have a problem with connectivity? Do you need a high-bandwidth connection quickly or temporarily? Do you want to have internet access as soon as possible? Challenge us! We are sure we can be of service. For more information, feel free to send an email to

Yoram: thank you for putting your trust in TWS!

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TWS recently received a call from Yoram Hartlooper of the Reitsma Group at eight o’clock...

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