– Peter de Ruiter – Project leader ANPR regional police department Rotterdam-Rijnmond

“The use of ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition – has become an important and successful instrument in the fight against (organised) crime for the regional police department Rotterdam-Rijnmond,” says Peter de Ruiter, project leader ANPR regional police department Rotterdam-Rijnmond. “The Rotterdam-Rijnmond police department uses the ANPR technology for two purposes: enforcement during daily police activities (primary goal) and support of the investigation of serious criminal activity (secondary goal).

Politie Rotterdam Rijnmond


Police department Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Scope: 30 locations
Project leader: Eric Meurs
When: 2013 to present
Realisation time: 4 months
Tags: microwave transmission, fibreglass, security, broadband, internet, cabling, wireless

Surveillance and enforcement

“In most cases, the ANPR cameras are used for surveillance and enforcement pertaining to traffic, the executive tasks assigned to the police and the search for suspect persons and vehicles,” Maria de Munnik, project leader ANPR for the regional police department Rotterdam-Rijnmond, adds. “It is mostly about stolen vehicles and missing, convicted and wanted persons.”

Reliable data network is a critical factor

The regional police department Rotterdam-Rijnmond has had ANPR cameras since 2006. In 2007, static ANPR cameras connected to a central back office were installed at virtually all major tunnels and bridges in the region by HIG Traffic Systems. This means all shore connections are covered with ANPR. “In practice, this means that it is impossible to enter Rotterdam by car unseen,” says De Ruiter.

The cameras generate a lot of data traffic, which means a solid and reliable data network is a critical factor. However, fibreglass connections are not available in such hard-to-reach locations and/or establishing these connections would be very expensive. Wireless connections, on the other hand, can be used virtually anywhere. On top of that, they are reliable, secure and affordable, which is why that solution was chosen at the time. The wireless network consisted of 21 different wireless connections, all hooked up to a central back office.

Knowledge and Expertise

HIG Traffic Systems acts as the main contractor for ANPR projects and TWS acts as an ideal subcontractor for the construction of the necessary connections. TWS has all the necessary knowledge and expertise that a complex network such as this requires.

Because of the many break-ins and robberies in the Hoeksche Waard region, TWS was asked to expand upon this existing wireless network near the Haringvlietbrug and the Kiltunnel. Considering the distance that had to be covered to reach the central back office, the project consisted of two microwave transmission connections including towers and street units. It was also necessary to redesign and expand the Waalhaven tower, where the transmissions were directed at.

The areas of operation were located above busy roads. These roads had to be closed because the equipment (the antennas and the cameras) had to be installed in the portals suspended above the road. That is why the work was completed at night.

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