Lunet zorg is one of the biggest healthcare providers in the south of the Netherlands. In order to maintain the high quality of its healthcare, a reliable data network is a necessity. TWS has been responsible for the functionality and reliability of the organisation’s entire network infrastructure for more than six years now.
Lunet Zorg


Lunet zorg

Scope: 3 main locations, 100 external locations
Project leader: Marco de Jong
When: 2013
Realisation time: 5 months
Tags: ring infrastructure, microwave transmission, fibreglass connection

Lunet Zorg

Project description

Lunet zorg came to us with the specific request to connect its main locations to an infrastructure with a high degree of availability in order to optimise the organisation’s data streams.

TWS created a ring infrastructure for Lunet zorg, consisting of fibreglass and microwave transmission connections with three towers at the main locations. The ring infrastructure can be interrupted without affecting its users.

With this network infrastructure, TWS was able to achieve the maximum desired reliability percentage.

The network is designed around redundancy; its availability is safeguarded via separate systems, which means there is always more than enough network capacity to work with – even during maintenance or in the event of a malfunction.


As a healthcare organisation, Lunet zorg’s primary demand for its network is its availability. The organisation’s clients depend on the healthcare providers of Lunet zorg, who in turn largely depend on the organisation’s digital network. The organisation uses applications such as CareView, an online EPF (Electronic Patient File) that forms the digital foundation for its healthcare and services. Every day, around 600 people use these applications.

The ring infrastructure created by TWS ensures Lunet zorg’s employees can always do their work and optimally safeguards the care for and safety of its clients.

Current phase

The project has been completed and we have moved on to the maintenance phase. TWS has a Service Level Agreement with Lunet zorg, which means we will be on site within four hours with replacement components in the event of a malfunction.

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