– Daniël Debets – Department manager IT Technical Management
– Jeroen Berning – IT Technical Management Infrastructure Manager

“We have been working together with TWS for nearly eight years now,” Daniël Debets, Department Manager IT Technical Management at Heijmans explains about their cooperation with TWS group. “Having a stable internet connection right at the start of our construction process is of essential importance to us. Our working relationship began when Heijmans was working on a complicated project in Geleen. It required us to have internet access at a very hard-to-reach location along the A2 highway. Although it was possible to use a fibreglass connection, that would have been a prohibitively expensive solution. A microwave transmission connection appeared to be the answer to our problem. This was not easy to realise, however. TWS suggested installing a tower in the middle of the A2! Because TWS got our network running within two weeks, our project was not delayed.”




Scope: Circa twenty construction sites at a time
Project leader: Eric Meurs
When: From 2010 to present
Realisation time: 1-2 weeks per location
Tags: wireless, internet, waas, wlan

“That is, in our eyes, a real strength of TWS,” Jeroen Berning, IT Technical Management Infrastructure Manager at Heijmans, illustrates. “Working together and finding a solution for what at first appears to be an impossible location.” Debets adds: “In our experience, they always have the drive to make the project a success, even if it requires them to take a few extra steps. TWS always provides the perfect solution and we have complete faith in them. If they cannot get something done, that means it is technically impossible. In that case, they tell us so honestly.”

“Even our own engineers rely on TWS,” Berning continues. “When we start working on a new project in a difficult location, we know that TWS will succeed in providing a good solution on time. They have never let us down! Particularly because of TWS’s excellent contacts with e.g. Alticom, it is possible to establish a connection virtually anywhere!”

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