Because Diergaarde Blijdorp covers an area of nearly 28 hectares, the various telecommunication providers are only able to provide weak signals. The zoo’s existing Wi-Fi network was also insufficient because of the large monumental buildings, thick trees and other obstacles found throughout the park.
Dierengaarde Blijdorp


Diergaarde Blijdorp

Scope: Provide Wi-Fi to a 28-hectare park
Project leader: Eric Meurs
When: 2014
Realisation time: 2 months
Tags: wi-fi, wireless, internet

Project description

TWS group was asked to think along about the installation of the outdoor Wi-Fi network by InterExperts in Rotterdam. Together with Blijdorp and InterExperts, a plan was drawn up to provide Wi-Fi coverage in the zoo’s key areas, while accounting for the park’s large and monumental buildings. After everything was properly mapped out, TWS technologies provided the Wi-Fi connection and TWS infra was responsible for the installation of the entire power supply, data cabling and patch cabinets.

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