By using cameras at elementary school De Nicolaas, the feeling of security has been taken to the next level.
Basisschool De Nicolaas


Elementary school De Nicolaas

Scope: 1 location
Project leader: Eric Meurs
When: 2015
Realisation time: 3 weeks
Tags: camera, security

Project description

The elementary school in Schalkhaar wanted a camera surveillance system to preventatively counter loitering youths and possible break-ins.

TWS conducted research into the positions of the cameras and offered strategic advice. We also recommended the use of certain types of cameras that are often used for similar purposes. Finally, TWS was responsible for the installation of the entire infrastructure.

The cameras keep watch over all essential locations 24/7 and offer high-quality images. Perfect image quality is guaranteed during the day and at night with the help of infrared technology and the images are stored automatically. The connections established by TWS make it possible to view the live footage from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

From consultancy to installation: this elementary school got the camera surveillance system it wanted. More information: Eric Meurs

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