New ERP system live at TWS group

Recently, the people at TWS group have been working hard on an ERP implementation project. Implementing an entirely new ERP system is a significant undertaking. We are proud to report that we now have a well-functioning system.

The phased introduction started in June and was scheduled be done by early 2017. We were able to complete the project on time. Gerwin ten Brinke supervised the project and acts as the internal contact for questions regarding the new system. He also writes manuals and provides on-the-job training. Together with the steering group, he worked hard to ensure the implementation was a success.

From now on, all departments within TWS will use the same system, which makes the managing of all operational processes more efficient and insightful.

Rutger Muijsers (managing director of TWS) says: “This new ERP software allows us to focus even more on our clients. We have automated our administrative processes, which means everyone at TWS can devote more time and attention to our primary task: resolving our clients’ connectivity issues.”

nieuw ERP-systeem

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