Wij werken dagelijks aan prachtige projecten. En we gaan geen uitdaging uit de weg om de beste oplossingen te realiseren voor onze klanten. ‘Geen mast te hoog, geen vestiging te ver’. We vertellen je er graag over!

Date: 14 February 2017

TWS helps neighbours get faster internet

Fast and reliable internet for the inhabitants of the rural area near Voorst is becoming a reality. TWS supports the people’s IBV initiative with the realisation of faster internet for everyone [...]

Date: 01 February 2017

A new colleague for the TWS group!

Khadar will be working for us as a network engineer, a field he has extensive experience in. Like the rest of our team, he is passionate about generating high-quality solutions for all your conne [...]

Date: 12 June 2015

TWS deploys hydraulic lift for Lunet Zorg

On 6 June, TWS used its hydraulic lift platform to give residents of Lunet Zorg in Eindhoven a day they will never forget. [...]