Specialist in data networks

TWS networks is a specialist in the field of data networks. We design and implement LAN and WAN networks using a variety of mediums, including fibreglass connections, microwave transmission connections, DSL/copper connections and 3G/4G mobile connections. By combining our own infrastructure and that of other providers, we are able to offer cost-efficient custom solutions anywhere in the Netherlands.

Every available data network option

With TWS, you get a partner who combines all aspects of professional internet within your network environment into a single centrally manageable environment. We can supply and install any broadband connection available on the market.

TWS Networks

Independent of suppliers

Furthermore, we are a brand-independent partner. That means we can choose the infrastructure products and services that best suit the existing infrastructure and which offer the best value for money available on the market.

Consultancy and design

What functional requirements do you have for your network? During the consultancy and design phase, we analyse your specific needs, demands and wishes pertaining to capacities. Aspects such as the required bandwidth, flexibility for upgrade or downgrade of the connection(s), security, availability (e.g. via redundancy of routers or connections) and manageability are all recorded. Based on that design brief, we offer custom solutions that suit your exact needs.

Flexible and scalable

Network facilities must allow for quick modification to accommodate changing conditions. For all our network solutions, we therefore consider the scalability of the products and services we offer. TWS’s services allow for quick and easy upgrading. If the infrastructure supports it, upgrades to bandwidth, overbooking or service level usually only take a few days.

TWS networks offers:

Would you like to know more about TWS networks?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.