A secure and reliable network infrastructure? Fast, flexible wireless connections for employees, clients and guests? Network connections between multiple branches? Internet in hard-to-reach places? No matter what the challenge is, TWS’s specialists have the knowledge, tools and facilities to provide the best solution for any network problem.

Extensive portfolio

For nearly twenty years now, TWS has been a specialist in professional data and information connections. We design, implement and manage high-quality (wireless) network solutions. With our extensive portfolio of services and products, we can always offer a solution that optimally suits our client’s wishes and opportunities and the environment.

We want to amaze our clients with surprising solutions.

The client comes first

Our strength? As a full-service supplier, we listen to our client’s wishes, analyse the organisation’s needs and offer services and products that are optimally tailored to the specific situation at hand. Our clients can rely on our solutions. Our technical possibilities service the client – not the other way around!


TWS consists of five different divisions that support each other and provide high-quality, innovative network solutions all over the world.

We want to amaze…

We want to do more than just meet the demand for secure, reliable and fast connectivity. Our service and attention go one step further. We want to amaze our clients with solutions that initially seemed impossible. With the unprecedented empathy of our advisers. With the creativity of our engineers. With services and products you can always count on.

and excel!

We want to excel. In recognising client requests pertaining to connectivity. In realising the best solution and in offering a competitive advantage. In the drive with which we face any challenge and get our clients excited. That is what energises us!

Three reasons to choose TWS:

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    We offer the highest quality of services, products and solutions. We give it our all in any situation. That characteristic level of quality forms the best and most reliable foundation for our clients’ business operations.
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    Our work is like an adventure every single day. In any weather, we climb our towers, come up with clever solutions and resolve problems. We challenge ourselves constantly to find the one way that does make something possible.
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    We work and approach the world with personal attention. We listen to our clients – which is not always a given. After all, the most durable relationships are based on mutual trust and dedication.

ISO certification

TWS technologies, TWS networks and TWS infra have been ISO9001 certified by TÜV Nederland since 22 May 2014. This ISO certification is a crown on TWS consistent quality policy and helps us to evaluate and further improve our performances and service-oriented operations. For our organisation, this is an important way to demonstrate that we truly put the client first in everything we do. TWS is not resting on its laurels when it comes to ISO and quality. Instead, we are constantly striving to expand our certification.

VCA certification

TWS technologies, en TWS infra have been VCA certified. TWS greatly values the quality of its service. We devote significant attention to training and education for our people, with a focus on safety, health and the environment.